Currently, I’m passionately devoting time to raise my children and work on the side–life is hectic but so meaningful!

Past Projects

Freelance Translation & Interpretation

  • Freelance English>Spanish Translator for the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)
  • Freelance English>Spanish Translator for IMG (International Medical Group)
  • Freelance English>Spanish Translator for LTS Mundo Translation Agency in projects for the World Bank and the United Nations
  • French>Spanish Pro-Bono Translator with Compassion Switzerland

Book Translation

Translation in Education

Christian Training

Current Projects

Alternative Christian Education

  • Book Translation: Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason
  • Book Translation: School Education by Charlotte Mason
  • Consultancy in Charlotte Mason Education in Spanish with schools in the United States: “Charlotte Mason Education”; “Hispanic Heritage”

Children’s Literature

  • Writing, compilation and translation of new book in Spanish: “Historias de las Américas y de España para niños” (A History of Spain and the Americas for Children)
  • English>Spanish Translation of A Child’s History of Spain by John Bonner
  • English>Spanish Translation of Thirty More Famous Stories by James Baldwin

Charlotte Mason Education Organizer

Translation in Christian Faith & Philosophy

  • English>Spanish Translation of Essays by Wendell Berry
  • English>Spanish Translation of Essays by Paul Kingsnorth
  • English>Spanish Translation of Articles and Book Excerpts by Joel Salatin

Freelance Interpretation

  • Currently working on different interpretation assignments in my state in the fields of education and medical interpretation.

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