As a native Spanish speaker with professional studies in English-Spanish translation, I can help you boost your communications in a variety of ways!



Spanish translation or English-Spanish interpretation services.

I use a wide variety of file formats and pagination applications: Adobe Indesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, QuarkXPress 2016, and Microsoft Powerpoint 2016. Retired applications like Adobe Pagemaker and CorelDraw can also be supported. This will help you save time, project costs and the extra difficulties of a graphic artist dealing with a text in a foreign language.

Certified Translation of legal documents can be provided in our letterhead, professionally formatted, and including a signed Certificate of Accuracy (stamped by a notary if needed) as required by the USCIS, among other Government agencies, for no extra cost.

Translation Projects are charged differently depending on the project–either per number of words or calculating a lump sum for recurring projects. Repeat clients receive a bundle price for multiple projects in a given season. In general, I charge between $0.12-0.20/word, or $25-30/hour.

Interpretation Assignments within a 60-mile radius of Vigo County, Indiana. Cost is usually $35-40 per hour (minimum 2 hours) not including mileage.


A variety of services in Spanish can be found here:

Coffee House Spanish for Adults: Conversational Spanish classes for adults who desire to successfully communicate in Spanish. A small group will include 2-5 students for assured learning intimacy. Great opportunity to learn and practice Spanish with others in a relaxed, local coffee shop. Costs range between $25-12 per person for session.

One-on-One Spanish Tutoring: This is especially geared towards students or professional individuals with a very specific goal in mind. For example, college students can fulfill basic language competency requirements or prepare for introductory-level Spanish courses.

Content creation: I am able to provide accurate and well-written content in Spanish to reach Spanish speakers in a way that will set you apart from machine-translation texts or documents.

I can also provide written transcriptions of audio files in a variety of Spanish accents–both from the Americas and from Spain.


Tailored help for adults learning Spanish in a local coffee house or for students needing school tutoring.



Professional support to recover and/or incorporate Hispanic heritage in your educational efforts.

An increasing number of schools and families in the U.S. are seeking to include either Spanish or Hispanic Heritage studies in their curricula. At the same time, the amount of first, second, or third generation Hispanic families in the United States are seeking to recover or safeguard their own cultural hispanic heritage and do not know where to start.

I can support schools and families in their quest to recover or maintain their hispanic heritage whichever their country of origin may be. I am passionate about enriching the lives of children and adults with living books, transformative arts and traditions, and an approach to history that is alive and impactful.

Hispanic Heritage month can indeed be more than just salsa and chips! It can be full of meaningful stories and traditional songs, life-giving history and literature that will spark a desire to reconnect with traditions long forgotten or clearly on the way to being lost.

I started an educational community of Charlotte Mason educators in 2019, and we have produced translations and original resources in Spanish that will bolster your recovery, practice or safeguarding of your Hispanic heritage.